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Miracle Wedge™ Top Pillow

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Stop discomfort and digestive and breathing ailments from interrupting your sleep. Get the best wedge pillow for acid reflux and more today, and discover the endless benefits of elevated sleep. The Miracle Wedge™ “Top” is the perfect match to go on top of your sleeping wedge and is ideal for side and back sleepers. Use the miracle wedge pillow for back pain, snoring or simply for the best night’s rest you’ve ever had. The benefits of a wedge pillow include stability, improved airflow and increased comfort! Buy yours today and start getting a better, more restful sleep tonight!

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Product Description

Miracle Wedge™ Top Pillow: The Acid Reflux Pillow You Can Trust:

If you’re one of the millions of Americans suffering from acid reflux, you may already know that a sleeping wedge can greatly reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of GERD while you sleep. But did you know that the perfect pillow top to complement your sleeping wedge is also available?
The Miracle Wedge™ Pillow is a slanted pillow designed for acid reflux sufferers that sits perfectly on top of any wedge. Guaranteed to stabilize your head and back by shaping to your body’s natural contours, it is able to provide maximum comfort for those who suffer from heartburn at night. With its individual nodes, the Miracle Wedge™ Pillow provides stability and airflow, keeping you comfortable and cool. The Miracle Wedge™ Pillow is the perfectly engineered sleeping solution for those who suffer from heartburn or acid reflux. If you’re looking to buy a wedge pillow for GERD relief, try the acid reflux pillow by Miracle Wedge™. If you don’t like it, we’ll refund your money!


  • Individual comfort cubes along the face of the pillow move with you to support your body and movement while you sleep.
  • Features cool airflow technology, open space ventilation and soft knitting cover for greater airflow, breathability and coolness within the pillow
  • 100 percent high density ECO-friendly foam
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made in the USA
  • Money-back guarantee

Introducing the Miracle Wedge™ Top

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