Pillows and Wedges for Heartburn and Acid Reflux Relief

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Miracle Wedge™ Pillow PRODUCT OVERVIEW

Product description

The original memory foam acid reflux pillow. The Miracle Wedge™ Pillow acid reflux pillow is an engineered sleeping solution for those who suffer from Acid Reflux, Gastroesophogeal Reflux Disease (GERD) and heartburn by elevating the torso to prevent acid from burning the lining of your esophagus.

NASA visco-elastic (Memory Foam) is incorporated with orthopedic support make a natural compliment to medical treatment. The doctor recommended incline of 7.5″ and a sustained 24″x24″ foundation make the wedge a true miracle in sleep.


Product highlights

  • Acid reflux, Snoring Relief
  • 100% High Density ECO Memory Foam
  • Doctor Recommended Size – 24″ long x 24″ wide x 7.5″ high
  • Includes washable removable zippered cover pillowcase

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